Stewardship Model

The 18th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church is comprised of 183 churches in communities across four countries in the Southern part of Africa: Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, and parts of Mozambique.

We need your support to continue the work of the 18th Episcopal District; please join us as a Partner.  Your contributions will help to ensure District support for the 183 congregations, clergy and pastors.  Through your generous Connectional partnership, we will continue to demonstrate God’s love in a very tangible way, as we promote the mission of African Methodism throughout the local and global communities.

Become a partner

The needs of this region are many and diverse.  However, a little goes a long way toward mitigating the disparity across the District.

$18.18 per month (US dollars)
$218.16 per year

Monthly Payment Options

The Three Epsicopal Projects

The 18th District is home to three Episcopal Projects, each providing unique ministry opportunities.

  1. The Selulasandla Vashti Children Village is an orphanage in Mbabane Swaziland.
  2. The M. Joan Cousin Youth and Women Empowerment Center educates young men and women regarding HIV/AIDs, and provides resources to the community to encourage informed decisions.
  3. F.C. James AME Services assists in the improvement of communities through the development of entrepreneurship, and the creation of businesses to promote economic opportunities.

Make your commitment today!
Subscribe to the Make a World of Difference Campaign.  Contribute any amount you choose, to one or more of the District projects, as often as you desire.  All contributions will support capital improvement and building initiatives; education and empowerment strategies; children and youth welfare projects.  You can make a difference, by being the change we NEED to see.