M. Joan Cousin Women and Youth Empowerment Center

The M. Joan Cousin Youth and Women Empowerment Center is an HIV/AIDS resource center located in Lobatse, Botswana. The center named for Mrs. M. Joan Cousin, the wife of Bishop Philip R. Cousin, 96th elected Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, because of her passion and advocacy for children and women impacted by HIV/AIDS.  The center provides support to children, youth, and women affected by HIV/AIDS.  The center provides for blood testing, counseling, medical care, home-based care for the physically challenged and the elderly in the meeting their needs. The ultimate goal of the center is to prevent the widespread of HIV/AIDS among children by reducing infection and improving the quality of life.

The Center serves communities through:

  • HIV prevention programs for men, women, and youth.
  • Wellness services, including nutritional consultations, medicine, and an on-site vitamin shop.
  • Emotional support for HIV-positive individuals, their friends, and families.
  • Family support services, including childcare and social activities for families living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Community outreach, reaching out to underserved populations and providing connection to HIV services.