F.C. James Center

The F.C. James AME Services for Community and Development Center advocates for equality, sustainability, knowledge and diverse economy to improve the quality-of-life for the AMEs in Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique and Swaziland and the communities they serve.  The center advocates for housing development, commercial revitalization (including small/minority business development), job creation and venture development.  The Center develops partnerships in the communities to promote safe communities where people live, work, and worship.

F.C. James AME Services Advocates:

Equity: Everyone deserves access to housing, transportation, and employment regardless of their physical locality.

Sustainability: Everyone needs access to resilient neighborhoods, clean air, efficient environments and locally made goods and services.

Local Knowledge and Diverse Economy: Everyone knows what is best for their communities’ needs, challenges and opportunities.  Local economies are the inclusive path to a broad variety of opportunities for people to secure their livelihood.