The Eighteenth Episcopal District’s Annual Conference Schedule
18th Episcopal District’s Calendar
Botswana Annual Conference

September 22-30, 2017
Host Presiding Elder District: Hukuntsi District
Host Church: TBA
Host Presiding Elder: The Reverend J. Tlhage

Swaziland Annual Conference

October 6-15, 2017
Host Presiding Elder District: Central District
Host Presiding: The Reverend A.B. Thwala
Host Church: Labotsebeni A.M.E. Church
Host Pastor: The Reverend M.T. Nkonyane

North East Lesotho Annual Conference

October 20-28, 2017
Host Presiding Elder District: Bothe-Bothe District
Host Presiding Elder: The Reverend T.M. Machefo

Host Church: Ebenezer A.M.E. Church
Host Pastor: The Reverend L.M. Khampepe

Lesotho Annual Conference

November 3-12, 2017
Host Presiding Elder District: Central District
Host Presiding Elder: The Reverend P.M. Mokhosi

Host Church: Emmanuel A.M.E. Church
Host Pastor: The Reverend B.S. Ntshangase

Mozambique Annual Conference

December 2-9, 2017
Host Presiding Elder District: Beira North District
Host Presiding Elder: The Reverend Andrew Massume
Host Church: 
Gansti A.M.E. Church

2017  Post Conference Planning
Christian Education Leadership Congress
Lay Organization and YPD Convention

December 9-15 (Subject to Change) 
Location: TBD, Botswana 
Christmas Party: December 15th